requently Asked Questions. . .

Q:  How can my workstation be more efficient?

A:  “L” and “U” shaped desks are the most efficient workspaces.  Store your equipment (phone, computer, etc.) on one “wing” leaving the other wing free to spread out your work.
Place your phone on the side of the desk opposite your writing hand.  That way you can hold the phone and take notes at the same time!
Avoid cluttering your work space with too many personal items.

Q:  What is the best way to organize my files?
A:  Create a filing system with broad categories (Insurance) divided into subcategories (Auto, Life) and alphabetized within each category.
Begin file folder headings with a noun -- “clients: current” instead of “current clients.”  Creating a file index, listing the location of each category and folder, will make it easier to find documents when you need them.

Q:  How do I stay organized while working
      outside of my office?

A:  Record any and all important information (directions, address, phone number, notes) in your calendar next to the appointment.  If you carry a lot of papers with you, keep a portable hanging file box in your trunk with a “miniature” version of your filing system.  Create a travel folder of paperwork you will need on your business trip (tickets, business presentations, maps, etc.).

Carry a portable supply box with you, with whatever you need to do work on the road (pens, stapler, paper clips).  If you carry any equipment with you, put it in a plastic portable crate, with handles and a lid.  If you have to travel on short notice, pre-pack an overnight bag with essentials for a quick getaway.